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10250 W Mississippi Avenue, Lakewood, CO, 80226
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Take a look at what our community is saying about Lakeview Heights Apartments in Lakewood, CO. Here, we deeply value our resident's voices, and opinions. It's important to us that each resident has a great experience living at our Lakewood, CO luxury apartments. Our staff truly cares about the renter, and our services are designed to bring you highly professional management. Discover a community that is centered on bringing you a lifestyle that is enhanced on a day-to-day basis by our unique features. Our future and current residents are our top priority, and we can't wait to show you what sets our 80226 apartments apart from all of the rest. See for yourself better living, and find your ideal apartments for rent in Lakewood, CO. Join Lakeview Heights.


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Being a Beginner is the most frustrating position to be in, especially when it comes to apartment hunting. You want to make a good impression as responsible tenets, but don’t have the experience to prove yourself as a real contender among an extremely competitive market. That’s why I would highly recommend anyone and everyone give Lakeview Heights a look. Chelsey helped us through every step of the process and ensured that we had a rewarding and enjoyable experience through it all. It was such a relief to have someone who cared just as much about our time and needs as we did. And on top of that Lakeview Heights is a beautiful space and definitely worthy of your time.

AMC just took over, (January of '21) and after having -2- different mgmt companies that don't give a $hit, it's so nice to have Jen and Guillermo taking care of us! Jen, the community mgr, is super responsive to emails, and Guillermo, the maintenance mgr, addresses maintenance tickets pretty quickly. My only fuss is AMC charges a $10 set-up fee for an online account, and a $3.00 ACH or $50 credit card fee to pay online. I understand that it may be more common practice among larger mgmt companies, but it was a little bit of a let down after having 2 mgmt companies with free online payment options. I spoke to Sarah, the regional mgr, and she waived the $10 set-up which meant a lot! The snow removal has also been a lot better. The walkways are actually clear, and all work is done before I'm out the door at 7:15am! I look forward to seeing how AMC continues to repair and improve this property, and I look forward to coming back and giving them 5 stars!